About Me

Author Peter WachtWhen I was a kid growing up in New York, I used to haunt the science fiction and fantasy bookstore in Yonkers, searching for the epic fantasy stories that I loved to read. When I exhausted all of my options, I started writing my own stories, never realizing that one day I would publish them. Now I am an Amazon best-selling author and write full time. I can’t think of a better way to make a living, doing something that’s truly enjoyable and hopefully of value and interest to all of you, my fellow readers of fantasy literature.

A fan of mythology and history, I incorporate aspects of both into my books. My writing appeals to adults, young adults, and kids starting in middle school. Readers describe me as a masterful storyteller of good versus evil, with great characters and plot twists. My thanks to all of you for the kind words.

I like to focus on the reluctant hero, men and women not seeking glory, but rather helping others and taking on the evil plaguing the world that I’ve created in The Realms of the Talent and the Curse.

I do most of my writing with my dog Loki either by my side or curled up behind me, oftentimes with a soccer game playing on the TV muted in the background. And when I’m not writing, stories are constantly churning in my head. When I’m out for a walk, I tend to outline or craft scenes, taking notes on my phone.

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Peter Wacht is available for speaking engagements, webinars, and book signings. Contact him on Facebook @peterwachtauthor.