Digital Art Showcase

Characters, Monsters … and More

When I’m not writing I produce digital art for some of the characters and monsters in my fantasy series.

My primary rule when first thinking about a character for a particular series is that I don’t think about them all that much. At least in terms of appearance. For example, Bryen Keldragan, the Protector in The Tales of Caledonia, has white hair, a white beard, a scar on his cheek from a three-taloned claw, and a thin black burn courtesy of the Ghoule Overlord. Other than that, I don’t say much more with respect to a description.

I leave it to you, the reader, to create an image of that character in your own mind. You don’t need me for that.

When it comes to monsters, I tend to be more specific. Sometimes because I have a very clear image in my mind. Often because I’m pulling from a mythological monster.

Below is digital art I created based on what I think the characters or monsters would look like -- grouped by series.

The Tales of the Territories

  • Bakunawa

    Sea dragon lurking in the Burnt Ocean. Several hundred feet long with a penchant for attacking ships.

  • Stalker

    Clawed monster that has a vague resemblance to a human. Prefers to hunt at night.

  • Wraith

    Hunts in the Murk yet can never leave the Murk. A silent assassin who never fails to find its prey.

  • Draugr

    One of the undead, raised from the grave with the Curse.

  • Rafia Riverstone

    In this series the Master of the Order of the Magii. Also has a role in The Tales of Caledonia. A very powerful Magus ... with a mean streak.

  • Jakob Kestrel

    Enslaved as soon as he sets foot in the Highlands, he soon becomes a leader in the resistance and the Wraith who is not a Wraith.

  • Talia Carlomin

    Trader and merchant who seeks to clear the Sea of Mist of pirates and in the process of doing that challenges Hakea Roosarian for the rule of Fal Carrach.

The Tales of Caledonia

  • Ghoule

    Warrior loyal to the Ghoule Overlord. Eight feet or taller. Incredibly strong and surprisingly fast. Also, hungry. Very, very hungry.

  • Ghoule Overlord

    Commander of the Ghoule Legion. Practitioner of the Curse seeking to subjugate Caledonia ... if he can break through the Weir.

  • Slayer

    The Ghoule Overlord's preferred assassin.

  • Bryen Keldragan

    Slave. Gladiator. Protector. A skilled warrior who must also learn how to master the Talent.

  • Aislinn Winborne

    Lady of the Southern Marches. An adept Magus ... and less than pleased when her father foists Bryen on her as her Protector.

  • The Blademaster

    Jurgen Klines. The Blademaster of the Royal Guard. Befriends Aislinn Winborne and becomes a part of the revolution.

The Sylvan Chronicles

  • The Shadow Lord

    Malevolent creature long thought dead and forgotten who rises again, seeking to conquer the Kingdoms.

  • Ogren

    A monster with a preference for the taste of human flesh. Foot soldier of the Shadow Lord.

  • Lord Chertney

    Master of Dark Magic and the Shadow Lord's second in command.

  • Young Thomas Kestrel with Beluil

    An only son, gifted with magic challenged to free a people threatened by an ancient evil. Will he be forced to risk everything in a battle against the forces of darkness?

  • Older Thomas Kestrel and Beluil

    The headline says it all. Beluil of course being the wolf who is bigger than a pony.

  • Kaylie Carlomin

    Heir to the Fal Carrach Kingdom. Strong willed with a strong temper. Just as skilled with a blade as with the Talent.