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The Sylvan Chronicles

Meet Thomas Kestrel. An only son, gifted with magic challenged to free a people threatened by an ancient evil. Will he be forced to risk everything in a battle against the forces of darkness?

The initial installment in an epic sword and sorcery saga, this thrilling, action-packed fantasy transports you to new heights with every page. Find out why fans are calling The Legend of the Kestrel “An entertaining read with great story telling!”

The Sylvan Chronicles

The Tales of Caledonia

Meet Bryen Keldragan. Bryen spent ten years fighting for his life on the white sand of the Pit. Now he faces a new challenge deadlier even than constant combat in the Colosseum. Forced into a new form of servitude, Bryen is compelled to become a Protector and charged with guarding the Lady of the Southern Marches.

The first book in this action-packed fantasy transports you to a new world. Find out why fans call best-selling author Peter Wacht’s stories “fun, diabolical, exciting and a pleasure to read!”

The Tales of Caledonia

The Tales of the Territories

Four people haunted by their pasts seek new lives in a far-off land. Bryen and Aislinn plan a fresh start. Talia flees a secret as she works toward a more prosperous future. Jakob is on the run, in search of a magic relic. What no one seeks is the evil awaiting them.

Will Bryen and Aislinn survive the journey across the Burnt Ocean and make it to the Territories alive? Will Talia Carlomin fend off the deadly threat that puts her family at risk? Will Jakob fall victim to the creatures lurking in the Murk?

The Tales of the Territories

Latest Release

Book 5 of The Tales of the Territories.

The Highlanders rebel against the Governor. But blood, steel, and magic might not be enough to ensure their success.

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