The Realms of the Talent and the Curse

Explore new worlds in Amazon best-selling author Peter Wacht’s fantasy series where the ability to use the Talent sets apart the person gifted with that unique skill in magic. But being able to use the Talent is only part of the dynamic. For if a Magus chooses to follow a darker path, the Talent becomes the Curse.

Each book has kept me wanting more, with exciting action, great character development and subtle plot twists. Peter Wacht has brought an amazing new set of characters and a story that is fun, diabolical, exciting and a pleasure to read.-Mark, April 2021
I gave it a try, couldn’t put it down, finished 5 books in like 3 days. Can’t wait for the next one! Quickly became one of my favorite series. -Jeremy, April 2021


The Sylvan Chronicles Series by Peter Wacht

About the Sylvan Chronicles - 9 Book Series

Meet Thomas Kestrel. A kingdom betrayed leaves him orphaned and hunted as a boy. On the run he discovers a world of magic and that he’s the key to freeing his homeland and defeating a terrible and ancient foe. But the price is his life.

Books in the series in order:

Book 1: The Legend of the Kestrel
Book 2: The Call of the Sylvana
Book 3: The Raptor of the Highlands
Book 4: The Makings of a Warrior
Book 5: The Lord of the Highlands
Book 6: The Lost Kestrel Found
Book 7: The Claiming of the Highlands
Book 8: The Fight Against Dark
Book 9: The Defender of Light (exciting conclusion)

I gave it a 5 star rating because the author has developed a spellbinding world with characters that I cannot help but love. I have been there from the beginning and will say that this book is for anyone, teen to adult. -Amazon Reader

The Tales of Caledonia Series by Peter Wacht

About The Tales of Caledonia - 7 Book Series

Bryen spent ten years fighting for his life on the white sand of the Pit. But now he faces a new, deadlier challenge. Forced into a new form of slavery, Bryen serves as a Protector charged with guarding the Lady of the Southern Marches from both steel and magic. No matter the danger, Bryen is compelled to do all that he can to keep the Lady alive. Even if it means his death.

Books in the series in order:

Book 1: The Protector
Book 2: The Protector’s Quest
Book 3: The Protector’s Vengeance
Book 4: The Protector’s Sacrifice
Book 5: The Protector’s Reckoning
Book 6: The Protector’s Resolve
Book 7: The Protector's Victory

Plenty of action. I loved how there is a mix of magic, mystical creatures, and sword play. -Goodreads reader