What's Next -- About the Tales of the Territories Series

What's Next -- About the Tales of the Territories Series

First, let me explain how The Tales of the Territories fits in with the two already published series.

The Tales of Caledonia came to an end when I released Book 7, The Protector’s Victory. However, at its conclusion, I didn’t feel like I was done with the story.

Honestly, there were several characters I wanted to continue writing for. And I received a good number of emails with questions about the relationship between Caledonia and the Kingdoms of The Sylvan Chronicles.

In short, The Tales of Caledonia take place one thousand years before The Sylvan Chronicles. The Kingdoms in The Sylvan Chronicles start out as Caledonian Territories, with Corinthus Beleron selling grants to lords and ladies interested in risking the wilds of the distant continent.

The Tales of the Territories pick up where The Tales of Caledonia leave off. Bryen, Aislinn, Lycia, Davin, Declan, Rafia, the Blademaster, and the Blood Company brave the Burnt Ocean, hoping for a new start in New Caledonia. Yet they find a new evil that they’ll need to content with.

Joining these characters will be:
  • Jakob Kestrel, who must deal with slavers, Wraiths, and Stalkers, among other challenges. Read a free eBook featuring Jakob: Stalking the Blood Ruby
  • Talia Carlomin, who takes on the pirates haunting the Sea of Mist as well as the Governor of Fal Carrach.

For those who read The Sylvan Chronicles, I’m sure you’re familiar with the names Kestrel and Carlomin, Jakob being the forebear of Thomas and Talia the forebear of Kaylie.

To learn more about the books of this series, Kathy created a webpage with the book covers, short descriptions and release dates. Check it out here

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