The Tales of the Territories

I am working on this series now. I anticipate 7 books in this series, but there could be more. The Tales of the Territories pick up where The Tales of Caledonia leave off. Bryen, Aislinn, Lycia, Davin, Declan, Rafia, the Blademaster, and the Blood Company brave the Burnt Ocean, hoping for a new start in New Caledonia, only to find a new threat. Joining them are Jakob Kestrel and Talia Carlomin. Below are upcoming books and you can also lean more in my Blog.

Death on the Burnt Ocean

Four people haunted by their pasts seek new lives in a far-off land.

Bryen and Aislinn plan a fresh start. Talia flees a secret as she works toward a more prosperous future. Jakob is on the run, in search of a magic relic.

What no one seeks is the evil awaiting them.

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June 1, 2023 Release Date

Death on the Burnt Ocean

ON SALE. Book 1 of The Tales of the Territories now available as an audiobook.

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Monsters in the Mist

Things are never as they seem...

While Bryen and Aislinn brave the dangers of the Jagged Islands, Talia Carlomin seeks justice for her murdered father. Jakob hunts the creatures stalking him. What none of them realize is that the monsters lurking in the mist connect them all.

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September 1, 2023 release date

Monsters in the Mist

ON SALE. Book 2 of The Tales of the Territories now available as an audiobook.

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The Dance of the Daggers

Evil lurks in New Caledonia.
Both man and monster seek power and blood. Can Bryen, Aislinn, Talia, and Jakob save the Territories from this deadly menace?

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December 1, 2023 release date

The Dance of the Daggers

Book 3 of The Tales of the Territories available as an Audiobook.

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The Bloody Hunt for Freedom

Stalkers. Slavers. Wraiths. Pirates.

Dangers threaten a new band of friends at every turn. Fighting back with both magic and steel is their only option for survival. But gaining their freedom means finding the heart of this terrifying evil – and destroying it once and for all.

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March 1, 2024 eBook release date

A Spark of Rebellion

The Highlanders rebel.

For the Highlanders, tired of hiding from the monsters that come in the dark and the Murk, Jakob brings hope for a new beginning. But Jakob doesn’t realize that even though he thinks he’s finally getting the upper hand, a greater threat is coming for him. One that would mean the end for all of them.

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June 2024 Release Date - eBook

Shadows Made Real

The monsters grow bolder.

Tensions are high and the stakes even higher as the Highlanders press their slim advantage in the fight for their freedom. Their efforts don’t go unnoticed as the Governors use bloodshed and terror to crush the rebellion.

September 2024 release date

Shadow's Reach

Secrets are revealed. Debts are paid in blood.

The tensions brewing between the Highlanders and the Governors reach a tipping point. But the ultimate winner is yet to be determined. Although Jakob and the Highlanders enjoy some success against Sharperson and his soldiers, the Stalkers are increasing in number and hindering their victory. It’s a bloody mess and a constant threat to the rebellion.

December 2024 release date

Storm in the Darkness

Vengeance is within reach for the Highlanders.
But will a brutal betrayal ensure their defeat?

Although outnumbered, the Highlanders have seized the momentum, reclaiming the Territory peak by peak from the Governor’s slavers and the Stalkers. But a traitor in their midst threatens everything. Reeling from the betrayal, Jakob realizes he can’t stop what he’s put in motion. Is he leading his people into a trap that could cost the lives of those closest to him?

March 2025 release date