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A Spark of Rebellion (The Tales of the Territories, Book 5 - Paperback Edition)

A Spark of Rebellion (The Tales of the Territories, Book 5 - Paperback Edition)

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The Highlanders rebel against the Governor.
But blood, steel, and magic might not be enough to ensure their success.

Jakob Kestrel has claimed the Highlands, taking up arms against the slavers, Stalkers, and Wraiths.

For the Highlanders, tired of hiding from the monsters that come in the dark and the Murk, he brings hope for a new beginning.

For Jakob it means a bigger target on his back. He knows that the Governor will seek to quash the uprising swiftly and brutally. And because he’s the catalyst, him as well.

Working together, Jakob, Talia, Bryen, and Aislinn develop a strategy that they hope will erode the strength of the Governors. But time is running out, and their plans will be for naught if they cannot find the source of the terrors in the Highlands and the Sea of Mist.

Knowing that hope doesn’t make things real, Declan and Rafia start to test the strength of the newly formed Blood Legion – because magic will not be enough to fight the evils they are encountering in this rugged new territory.

The adventure continues and confidence builds -- but as more secrets are revealed alliances start to shift.

And Jakob doesn’t realize that even though he thinks he’s finally getting the upper hand, a greater threat is coming for him.

One that would mean the end for all of them.

Find out what happens next in this fifth book of the new epic sword-and-sorcery fantasy by bestselling author Peter Wacht.

The Tales of the Territories are part of the universe of The Realms of the Talent and the Curse. If you want to find out more about this world, read the preceding series:

The Sylvan Chronicles (9-book series)
The Tales of Caledonia (7-book series)

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