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Death on the Burnt Ocean (The Tales of the Territories, Book 1 - Kindle and ePub)

Death on the Burnt Ocean (The Tales of the Territories, Book 1 - Kindle and ePub)

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Four people haunted by their pasts seek new lives in a far-off land.
What none of them expect is the evil awaiting them.

The Territories are supposed to be a place of promise and opportunity.

Jakob Kestrel fled to the Highlands to evade the monster that hunts him. Little does he know that the relic he carries with him will summon even greater perils.

Bryen Keldragan and Aislinn Winborne head to New Caledonia hoping to break free from their tumultuous past and begin anew on a joint path, far from the chains that had bound them.

Talia Carlomin sails for Ballinasloe, desperate to leave behind a bloody secret that could cost her life. She is filled with hope and promise as she works to build the business that holds the key to her family’s future.

Unbeknownst to them, an ancient evil has awakened, the Murk creeping down from the north and bringing with it nightmares in the mist.

Find out how fate will tie them together in this new epic fantasy by bestselling author Peter Wacht.

The Tales of the Territories are part of the universe of The Realms of the Talent and the Curse. If you want to find out more about this world, read the preceding series:

The Sylvan Chronicles (9-book series)

The Tales of Caledonia (7-book series)
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