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Monsters in the Mist (The Tales of the Territories, Book 2 - Kindle and ePub)

Monsters in the Mist (The Tales of the Territories, Book 2 - Kindle and ePub)

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For four strangers, what started as an exciting journey takes a deadly turn.
A mist creeping down from the north brings hidden terrors.
And they might be the only ones who can stop the evil threatening to smother New Caledonia.

Jakob struggles to stay one step ahead of the Wraiths pursuing him and his father, desperate to learn how to stop the monsters in the mist before it's too late. But even with his skill in the Talent, he stands little chance against the horrors hidden in the smothering fog. 

During his attempted escape, Jakob learns a shocking secret that could rip his world apart. 

Still on their way to the Territories, Bryen and Aislinn begin to lose hope. Attacked by sea dragons, they have no choice but to seek refuge in the Jagged Islands. Yet there a deadly menace awaits.

Talia Carlomin took to the seas to avenge her father’s death by challenging the pirates terrorizing the coast of New Caledonia. In her quest, she encounters creatures made of nightmares. Her burning desire? Learning how to kill them.

All the while an ancient evil begins to settle across the Territories. Could Jakob's secret prove to be the key to defeating the monsters seeing to conquer New Caledonia?

Find out how fate will tie these four together.

The Tales of the Territories are part of the universe of The Realms of the Talent and the Curse. If you want to find out more about this world, read the preceding series:

The Sylvan Chronicles (9-book series)
The Tales of Caledonia (7-book series)

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