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The Call of the Sylvana (The Sylvan Chronicles Series, Book 2 - Paperback Edition)

The Call of the Sylvana (The Sylvan Chronicles Series, Book 2 - Paperback Edition)

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Thomas Kestrel must choose between the life he wants and a duty to his people.
Both are threatened by an ancient evil that only he can stop.
Is he willing to risk everything?

Even though he has yet to master the ways of the Talent, Thomas commits himself to fighting the evil of the Shadow Lord and to destroying the beasts who poison the land. Knowing that he must pass three challenges to join the Sylvan Warriors -- an ancient, almost forgotten order pledged to fight the Shadow Lord, he still can’t escape the call of his homeland.

In The Call of the Sylvana, the second book in the epic sword and sorcery fantasy series The Sylvan Chronicles, Thomas Kestrel returns to his ancestral Highlands in an ill-fated attempt to help the people who feared him as a child.

Learning that the High King is enslaving the Highlanders, Thomas devises a scheme to help.

Unfortunately, his plans implode, and Thomas must choose between killing the man responsible for the pain and suffering of his people or saving an innocent.

Find out why readers of Peter’s books are “enthralled from beginning to end.” As one reader said, “I love reading this series!! The strength of character, the courage and fortitude. The humor and wit. Truly fun, exciting and powerful! Peter Wacht is an excellent craftsman and great storyteller!”

Buy your copy today and escape to a new world.

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