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The Defender of the Light (The Sylvan Chronicles, Book 9 - Paperback Edition)

The Defender of the Light (The Sylvan Chronicles, Book 9 - Paperback Edition)

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The Shadow Lord's reign of terror is all but certain.
Unless Thomas Kestrel can unravel the mystery of the Key and fulfill the prophecy.
Will he do what must be done knowing that it will likely lead to his death?

In The Defender of the Light, Book 9 and the thrilling conclusion to the action-packed fantasy series The Sylvan Chronicles, Thomas Kestrel and his Marchers have freed the Highlands, but the evil of the Shadow Lord continues to spread.

As the Dark Horde marches for the Breaker, Thomas must not only rally his allies for the final battle between the Shadow Lord’s army of Ogren and Shades, but also prepare himself for a fate from which he can’t escape.

Rather than make peace with his destiny, Thomas convinces the Sylvan Warriors to take the fight to the Shadow Lord, knowing that it’s only a matter of time before the Dark Horde overruns the Breaker and floods the Kingdoms with a never-ending darkness.

Find out why one reader said, “The author has developed a spellbinding world with characters that I cannot help but love. I have been there from the beginning and will say that this book is for anyone, teen to adult.”

Start reading and escape to a new world.

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