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The Fight Against the Dark (The Sylvan Chronicles, Book 8 - Kindle and ePub)

The Fight Against the Dark (The Sylvan Chronicles, Book 8 - Kindle and ePub)

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Time is running out for the Kingdoms.
Their only hope for defeating the Shadow Lord falls to one man.
Will Thomas Kestrel accept his fate and pay the ultimate price?

The Fight Against the Dark, Book 8 of the thrilling, action-packed epic fantasy series The Sylvan Chronicles, transports you to new heights with every page as Thomas Kestrel and his Marchers battle the Shadow Lord’s army of Ogren and Shades as well as the minions of the High King.

With the aid of the Sylvan Warriors, the Highlanders finally exact their revenge on those who enslaved them.

But even with these victories, Thomas, Oso, and Kaylie know that time favors their enemy. The war parties of Ogren, Shades, and other dark creatures are increasing in number, foreshadowing what lies in store for the Kingdoms if they fail to hold at the Breaker.

Can they find a way to defeat the Shadow Lord before he sets loose his Dark Horde and unleashes an unending reign of darkness and terror upon the land?

Get your copy and find out why one reader said, “Couldn't put it down! Quickly became one of my favorite series.”

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