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The Lord of the Highlands (The Sylvan Chronicles, Book 5 - Kindle and ePub)

The Lord of the Highlands (The Sylvan Chronicles, Book 5 - Kindle and ePub)

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Accepting his fate and claiming his birthright,
Thomas Kestrel now must topple the High King.
Can he convince the people who feared him to stand with him and fight?
In The Lord of the Highlands, the fifth book in sword and sorcery Arthurian epic The Sylvan Chronicles, Thomas realizes that he must regain the trust of the Marchers and reclaim the Kingdom of his birth.

Discovering that not only must he stand against a High King bent on conquering the Kingdoms, but also the Shadow Lord, a creature of ancient evil who threatens to unleash a time of darkness and sorrow on the land, Thomas is torn by his desire to lead his own life and his duty to a people who view him with suspicion and fear.

He knows that doing the right thing will only push him farther away from the life he wants for himself — and closer to his own death.

Does he have the inner strength to accept his fate and free a people who never cared for him? Does he have the courage and skill to stand against the Shadow Lord and his servants?

Find out why one reader said, “Each book has kept me wanting more, with exciting action, great character development and subtle plot twists. Peter Wacht has brought an amazing new set of characters and a story that is fun, diabolical, exciting and a pleasure to read.”

Buy your copy to explore this new world.

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