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The Lost Kestrel Found (The Sylvan Chronicles, Book 6 - Paperback Edition)

The Lost Kestrel Found (The Sylvan Chronicles, Book 6 - Paperback Edition)

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After ten years of slavery in the Highlands,
Thomas Kestrel sows the seeds of rebellion.
Will his people have the strength and will to reclaim their freedom and their homeland?

In The Lost Kestrel Found, the sixth book in sword and sorcery epic fantasy The Sylvan Chronicles, Thomas Kestrel leads the Marchers in their uprising against the High King’s reivers, seeking to free his people after a decade of oppression.

Thomas slowly earns the trust of the Highlanders as he rallies their forces against the invaders, not knowing that these small battles are nothing compared to what it will take to drive the reivers from his homeland.

At the same time, the Shadow Lord is expanding his reach, confident in his rise to power as his allies continue to do his bidding.

While the Princess of Fal Carrach comes into her own, discovering a new role in her father’s court as well as her own source of magic.

The fates of all three will be altered forever as Thomas claims his rightful place as Lord of the Highlands … but who will pay the ultimate price?

Because finally, after a decade of desperation and suffering, the Marchers go to war.

Find out why one reader said, “As an adult, and having read fantasy-like books my entire life, I am SO impressed with this series!”

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