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The Protector (The Tales of Caledonia, Book 1 - Kindle and ePub)

The Protector (The Tales of Caledonia, Book 1 - Kindle and ePub)

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A man sold into slavery.
A woman born into power.
Will the two be able to work together to battle the Ghoule Overlord?

Bryen spent ten years fighting for his life on the white sand of the Pit. But now he faces a new challenge deadlier even than constant combat against man and beast in the Colosseum. Forced into a new form of servitude, Bryen is compelled to become a Protector and charged with guarding the Lady of the Southern Marches from both steel and magic. For she holds the key to power in Caledonia. Gain her and you gain the Kingdom.

Some threats are known and obvious while others lurk in the shadows. No matter the danger, Bryen is coerced by magic to do all that he can to keep the Lady alive.

At the same time, the Ghoule Overlord is preparing to send his Legions to complete his conquest of Caledonia.

Will Bryen -- the only one who can prevent the Overlord from releasing his Ghoules on the land – stand and fight? Or will Bryen find a way to break free of his bond and walk away from Aislinn and the Kingdom that enslaved him?

The first book in this action-packed fantasy transports you to a new world. Buy your copy and find out why fans call Amazon best-selling author Peter Wacht’s stories “fun, diabolical, exciting and a pleasure to read!”

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