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The Protector's Resolve (The Tales of Caledonia, Book 6 - Kindle and ePub)

The Protector's Resolve (The Tales of Caledonia, Book 6 - Kindle and ePub)

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The Ghoule Overlord has survived for thousands of years.
Yet the Protector must defeat him to save Caledonia.
Can Bryen survive his deadliest combat yet?

In The Protector’s Resolve, Book 6 of The Tales of Caledonia, the action continues as Bryen and the Blood Company fight the Ghoule Overlord and his Legions.

While the Caledonian Army battles the Ghoules in the Winter Pass, Bryen and Aislinn escape Haven and race for the Sanctuary. They discover that the Ghoules are not their only obstacle as they must overcome several threats that are far deadlier.

To make matters worse, the Ghoule Overlord is in close pursuit, intent on reclaiming the Seventh Stone.

As Bryen takes on these new challenges, doubts plague him.

Will he be able to rebuild the Weir and prevent the Ghoule Overlord from conquering Caledonia?

Will he be able to keep the Curse at bay, knowing that a single mistake will allow the Dark Magic to enslave him?

Start reading and find out why other readers consider best-selling author Peter Wacht “a master storyteller of nonstop action with great characters.”

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