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The Protector's Sacrifice (The Tales of Caledonia, Book 4 - Kindle and ePub)

The Protector's Sacrifice (The Tales of Caledonia, Book 4 - Kindle and ePub)

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With the King dead,
An even deadlier threat reveals itself.
Now, the fate of Caledonia will be determined by the one who holds the Seventh Stone.

Bryen struggles to accept a fate that requires him to rebuild the Weir, knowing that doing so will lead to his death – either at the hands of the Ghoule Overlord or because of the Curse.

At long last, Aislinn frees Bryen from the Protector’s collar. But she finds their bond remains and is stronger than steel. Now she must do all that she can to protect him from the forces seeking to destroy him.

Noorsin Stelekel rallies the Duchies to defend against the Ghoule Legions preparing to swarm the Kingdom.

But what no one realizes is that the Ghoule Overlord is about to unleash his deadliest weapon, one not seen since the First Ghoule War.

And so the hunt begins … the one to possess the Seventh Stone will determine whether Caledonia continues to exist or simply becomes a hunting ground for the Ghoules.

Will Bryen risk using the power of the Curse if it will allow him to repair the Weir? Will the gladiators of the Pit join him in the fight to defeat the Ghoule Overlord? Will Aislinn be able to save her Protector from the threats swirling around him?

Find out in Book 4 of The Tales of Caledonia, The Protector’s Sacrifice. 

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