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The Raptor of the Highlands (The Sylvan Chronicles, Book 3 - Kindle and ePub)

The Raptor of the Highlands (The Sylvan Chronicles, Book 3 - Kindle and ePub)

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Captured but still defiant,
Thomas Kestrel stands fearlessly against the evil trying to break him.
Stronger than magic or steel – he brings hope to a forgotten people.

In The Raptor of the Highlands, the third book in the epic sword and sorcery fantasy series The Sylvan Chronicles, Thomas chooses to save a life, and he almost pays for that decision with his own.

Forced into the mines, he becomes a slave, a prisoner of the High King’s regent. Rather than accepting the hard death that awaits him, he resists, instilling an energy in the Highlanders imprisoned with him for the first time since the fall of the Crag.

But Thomas realizes that surviving the mines isn’t enough. He needs to free his people.

Yet even if he can get them out of the Black Hole, can he keep them from the blades of the reivers?

Either the legend of the Raptor of the Highlands will take flight, or it will die with him in the mines.

An action-packed adventure of a reluctant hero who finds lifelong friends and enemies when imprisoned by the High King. Find out why readers are calling Peter Wacht’s books “spellbinding,” an “exciting good versus incalculable evil.”

Buy your copy today and escape to a new world.

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