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Your FREE Copy of Through the Knife's Edge

Your FREE Copy of Through the Knife's Edge

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Two warriors form an unlikely alliance -- will it keep them alive and save a Kingdom?

The Shadow Lord’s Dark Horde is descending upon the Kingdoms. Two Sylvan Warriors charged as scouts form a reluctant alliance in order to survive. Not only must they learn to work together to stay alive, but they also must confront Malachias, the warlock tasked with killing them.

On the run from hunting Ogren and avoiding the Dragas that are scouring the skies, Rya Westgard and Rynlin Keldragan race to escape the Charnel Mountains to reach the leader of the Sylvana and warn her of the approaching army about to flood the Kingdoms with dark creatures – before it’s too late.

A prelude to the events in The Sylvan Chronicles.

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